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Online Eyewear Store

Lensico is an Online Store for Eyewear Products. It is accessible through Fully Responsive website and also through Android and iOS Apps and has presense on all major social media outlets as well. It's a fast growing Ecommerce startup that is scaling up really fast.


Nightlife Discovery Platform

ClubGo, based out of New Delhi, is the perfect place to discover what's happening around town. With its cool and pleasing app and website, it makes booking your next nightlife outing a breeze. It's also expanding to other Indian metros as we speak.


Farming Equipment Rentals

This Gurgaon based Agri Tech startup, which was funded by Indian Angel Network recently, makes life really easy for farmers looking to rent farming equipment with an easy to use multilingual app. It is currently operating in West U.P and rapidly expanding to other core farming regions.


Doorstep Tailoring Service

This Mumbai based Uber for Custom Tailoring Startup is quickly revolutionising the market with App enabled Doorstep Tailoring for both female and male customers. The beautiful User Experience coupled with Great Service is what makes TailoreMade really special.


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