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Bleeding edge functionalities, that set your apps apart.

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A great app, is always financially viable. We provide the right tools to monetize your app with advanced advertising and tracking options.
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Social Sharing

The power of modern mobile apps lies in their ability to exploit a user's social connections. Our apps have social integration built in to let users share information in their networks.
Mail System


In a world where millions of apps are fighting for the user's attention, it's very easy to get lost into oblivion. This is where push notifictions come in, with this nifty little feature you can keep in constant touch with the user.

Location Based

The apps that are location aware, have a better chance of being used more often. Using the user's current location, you can provide him all sorts of options ranging from people to local facilities.
Custom Pages


A lot of apps require a lot of textual data to be presented. We build apps that could present a lot of data, without expecting the user to navigate through hoops. The less effort they have to make, the more they'll love the app.
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User Driven

The most common apps today are user driver, like facebook and twitter. The users build the data, but the app has to manage everything else. This includes data storage, data fetching, and presenting.


Some apps require the users to bookmark or favourite certain items and stories, so they can quickly get back to them, with a single tap.
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This is no secret that Ecommerce is the secret that has seen the highest growth in the past few years. It's a ride every retailer, manufacturer must board.
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It's very important to know about the current position of the app. We provide functionality to be updated about various stats like app installs, user demographics, active users and overall usage.

Mobile Apps Pricing

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Customized Apps
From ₹ 1,49,990 Onwards

  • iPhone & Android Support
  • World Class User Interface
  • Social Sharing, Advertisements
  • Location Features & Push Notifications
  • Advanced Web Backend
  • Free App Store Submission
  • 6 Months Complimentary Support
  • Branding & Social Media Packs from 39,900 Onwards

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