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We are Defuzed.

We help progressive companies and courageous startups make a bigger impact with well designed and innovative technology products and strategies. We empower them to achieve the best results from the collaboration of ideas, design, thinking and alogirthms.

How everything started.

Where We Come From.

What started as a small Web & App Development team in 2011, 6 years later is the most preferred and trusted Web & Mobile App Strategy Company in India. We are a team of around 50 brilliant developers and designers.

Our Preferred Artillery.

We have a very strong Research & Development unit, and we are always on our toes to implement latest technologies, so as to provide our clients with a state of the art platform. So the end product exceeds the expectations of both our clients, and their intended users.

How everything started.
How everything started.

What Drives Us.

At Defuzed, our top most priority is always towards the project, we deeply believe that every project requires a great deal of focus and determination, and anything short of great is not something we believe in delivering, and associating ourselves with.

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